Women's Elephant Safaris (Safari Print)

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Why Buy the Safaris?

Al’s Safari boots are a premium walking boot made by Al Dos Santos at James Leddy Boots (Abilene, TX). Al Dos Santos has over 45 years of experience in boot making. Every Safari boot is entirely handcrafted and are:

  • Built around comfort. Each Safari boot has custom insoles which provide strong arch support to alleviate foot, leg, and back pain.
  • Made from genuine leather that is sourced from US companies.
    • This specific boot is made from genuine elephant hide and features a safari print.
  • Sporting a closed-tongue design to keep out water and dirt.
    • As well as, a Vibram sole for its excellent traction and longevity.

      If you need help determining which size is right for you, click here to view our sizing chart.

      Even though our boots are highly durable, they are prone to wear-and-tear from frequent, long-term use. To ensure your Safaris stay in the best possible shape, we offer maintenance on all our Safari boots. Click here to learn more.