Sizing Chart

If you are unsure of your foot size, you can use this sizing chart to measure both your foot length and width. To print out the images, right click on each picture and select "Save image as...", which will allow you to save them to your desktop to print.

When printing out the images, ensure that the printing options are set to print out the full image and that is it not shrunken at all. After printing out the sizing chart, make sure that the 1" increments are exact by comparing it to a ruler. Follow the on page instructions to measure your foot, which will determine the size of boot that will best fit you. Also, be sure to wear the socks of your choice while measuring your feet, as the socks will slightly change your measurements.

Note: For women, subtract 1.5 from the men's size to convert it to women's. For example, if your foot size is an 8 on this sizing chart, then your size in women's is a 6.5.

Note: When measuring your foot width, use the vertical lines on the sizing chart and see if the inside of your foot is within the vertical line that is your shoe size. Our D, EE, & EEE sizes are all about a 1/4" apart, and the vertical lines on the chart are approx. 1/8" apart. So, if your foot goes over the line of your size, see if it is within a EE (+2 lines past the line of your size) or EEE (+4 lines).

Example, a size 10 foot should be at or within vertical line 10 for a size D (medium). If the size 10 foot crosses vertical line 10 but is within vertical line 12, get a EE. If over 12 but within 14, get a EEE.

Boot sizing chart that measures both foot length and width (Page 1)

Boot sizing chart that measures both foot length and width (Page 2)