How the Safari Boots are Made

High Quality Materials

At Al’s Safaris, we only select the best leathers of the highest quality for our boots. All of the leathers are purchased from suppliers within the U.S. We carry both domestic and exotic leathers ranging from calfskin to elephant, caiman to stingray, and everything in between. For the time being, we are only offering a selection of 10 Safari boots on our website. We are planning to start doing more custom work in the future. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep an eye out for any exclusive, unique Safaris that we will drop at random.


Leather has been cut and prepared to be stitched

Once we have chosen the desired leathers, they are then cut and glued before being stitched together. The finished result is the top half of the Safaris stitched and ready to be lasted (shaped).Finished top half of Safari boot

Heel & Toe

Shaping toe of Safari boot

Next, the top half of the Safaris are then placed into two machines to shape the heel and the toe of the Safaris. These machines shape the leather and stiffen it to hold its shape. These machines were manufactured specifically for Al to make these types of boots.


Last placed within Safari boot

The Safaris are now closed up and the last is placed within the boot. A last is like a foot mold that is designed to replicate the size and shape of the customer's foot. This helps the Safaris retain its shape while the adhesive dries. 

Closing up the last in the Safari boot

Trim & Polish

Attaching the sole to the Safari boot

At this point, the Safaris are now ready for shanks, which help maintain a firm arch in the boot. The soles are then attached to the leather and the lasts are removed. Next, the edge of the soles are sanded, painted, and polished. A handmade cushion insole is inserted, which provides exceptional arch support. Al has his insoles custom made specifically for his Safaris. You will not find such comfort in any other boot.

Painting the edge of the sole on the boot

Finished Product

The Safaris are now finished and ready to bring your feet the comfort and support they need.