About Us | Meet Al Dos Santos & The Safaris

Al Dos Santos was born into a family of expert cobblers in Portugal. Al was taught the necessary skills by his father at a young age and has been perfecting the Safari boot for over 50 years. Al was a part of the creation of the Safaris in 1972 while living in South Africa for many years. He has since moved to Abilene, TX and is the proud owner of James Leddy Boots.

The Safaris were originally designed as an ankle-high hunting/ranching boot in 1972. Over the years, Al made slight changes to significantly improve the Safaris' comfort, while retaining the boot's ruggedness and durability. Today, Al's Safaris still follow the tradition of being handmade to provide excellent quality and unmatched fit and finish. The Safaris are designed for people who are constantly on their feet and who may experience foot or back pain from inferior mass-produced shoes. Al's Safaris main focus is to alleviate pain and bring comfort to your feet, all while standing out from the rest with exotic leathers and unique designs. Al's Safaris are more than just boots, they're luxurious friends on your feet.

"The most important ingredient in making a pair of Safaris is the passion and love we have for making each one of them." - Al & Deborah Dos Santos